September 21, 2021




B L O C K C H A I N  A R T:

C R E A T I V I T Y,  V A L U E  A N D  R I G H T S

Blockchain technology is empowering a growing market for digital art and collectables. The new phenomenon of blockchain art is ushering rapid-paced innovations in the art markets, putting to question long-lasting assumptions. While the allure of rapid gains, the extreme flexibility and openness of the space are attracting many emerging and established creatives and collectors, blockchain art poses novel challenges and opportunities. During this webinar, we will explore three of them: creativity, value and rights. 

What forms of art, styles and historical antecedents are to be found in modern blockchain art? We discuss creativity with T’ai Smith, Art History at the University of British Columbia. How value is established for blockchain art, in the absence of the traditional art’s ecosystem? Who considers blockchain art of value, so much so to create or collect it? We discuss value with Amy Whitaker, Visual Arts at NYU. Lastly, what does it mean to own blockchain art? What are the rights of an owner, and those of the original creator? We discuss rights with Primavera de Filippi, Blockchain at CNRS/Harvard.


W H E N: May 31st, 16:00-18:00 CEST.

F O R M A T   (2H): 10/15m presentations + break + Q&A.

O R G A N I S E R S: Andrea Leiter, Monika Kackovic, Giovanni Colavizza (University of Amsterdam)

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